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what is it

In short, K.A.B. stands for Kuya, Ate, Bunso.

In PhilSA, the K.A.B. program was created for new members as another way of building new relationships and expanding social circles where they can socialize and interact with old members and alumni. There are several active phamilies in the organization that you can potentially join and create lifetime long relationships with!

Family is considered to be the foundation of social life for filipinos. Respect for one another and taking care of each other are some of the most celebrated attributes in the culture. In the Philippines, it is a custom to address those who are older than you either as your Kuya (older brother) or Ate (older sister) out of respect. As for those who are younger than you, they are considered to be your bunso (younger sibling). Similarly to greek life, it is where members can apply to be a big (Kuya/Ate) or as a little (bunso) into a designated phamily.


Only students who are of sophomore classification and up are allowed to apply as both Kuya/Ate and Bunso or as either or.

how to sign up

K.A.B. forms are typically released midway of each semester after several PhilSA planned events have occurred that allows members who are interested in being picked up/picking up to get to know each other more. It is highly recommended to participate in these events in order to meet your potential Kuya/Ate/Bunso! 


However, if you cannot attend any of these events, don't worry! Each K.A.B. form is designed with a series of questions and tests to get to know you more as a person. With this information, the officer team in charge of K.A.B. will take each aspect into consideration and do their best to match you with someone of similar interests and compatible personality type.


These forms will be sent out by email from a fellow PhilSA officer.

KAB forms

coming soon

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