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isang mahal

The Philippine Student Association (PhilSA) at Texas A&M University hosts Isang Mahal, an annual talent show celebrating the Filipino American History month of October. 

In Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, "Isang Mahal" translates to "One Love". To promote this idea of "One Love", we cordially invite artists of any culture to compete in dance, music, poetry, or any form of performing art. 

Isang Mahal is not limited to the Filipino culture but is open to any variety of talent in order to promote unity among all cultural groups. This event also promotes cultural diversity, awareness, and appreciation at Texas A&M University and the surrounding Bryan/College Station area. 


Isang Mahal has been recognized nationally that cofounders Anthony Guevara and Arnold Paguio started the first Filipino American History Month celebration in the state of Texas with PHILSA.   


As for Isang Mahal, it was created to be a fun, friendly showcase and talent show between FSAs & their members plus other organizations from A&M and members of the community.  It would also "edutain" with Filipino American History facts in between acts plus a special guest act of Filipino descent.  

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