Texas A&M PhilSA is the first Filipino Student Association out of the thirteen FSA universities across Texas and Oklahoma. We are the largest Asian organization in Texas A&M. PhilSA has a member base of all different ethnicities (not just Filipino!), and brings people together through our “phamily” culture as well as activities such as sports, culture, and dance!  



PhilSA incorporates dance as a way for members of any dance level to come together, learn, and get to know each other. With modern dance workshops weekly, members have the opportunity to develop their dancing through a variety of different choreographies! Isang Mahal and Goodphil are two of the major competitions that PhilSA participates in. Experienced dancer or beginner dancer, challenge yourself and join our PhiSA dance team!


Contact: Sean Choi (Modern Director): (214)-417-1912


Just how competition and recreational sports is one of the greatest unifying factors in the world, it plays just as important of a role in bringing members together in PhilSA as it does throughout all of the countries in the world! PhilSA offers a variety of sports through Intramurals (IM’s competition)-- basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and football. Want to compete and represent Texas A&M PhilSA at Goodphil? Come out and try intramurals during the school year!


Contact: Ryan Armiger (Sports Coordinator): (832)-584-6568

Cherie Yi (Sports Coordinator): (281)-691-1481


As the backbone of PhilSA, Filipino culture is a unifying factor for our members. The PhilSA community aims to exhibit and celebrate the Filipino culture through a variety of dances culturally unique to the Philippines; the Filipino culture is also the core of the volunteering activities, sports competition, and modern dancing that PhilSA participates in. If the idea of learning about a new culture excites you, come get a taste of the unique culture of the Philippines! 


Contact: Bernadette Barcelo (Cultural Curator) : (713)-252-6474

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